A fully resilient, dedicated access ring   Lighpath Virtual Private Ring Service (VPRS) interconnects a minimum of three customer locations.Customers choose the size of the port for each location, and can blend dedicated E-LAN, E-Line, V-Line, and Virtual Multpoint Service (VMS) services to each location.

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  • Allows for greater bandwidth flexibility
  • Customer can alter the virtual connections as their business needs change
  • Committed Information Rates (CIR) of 1Mb to 1,000Mb
  • Excess Information Rate (EIR) of 0Mb to 1,000Mb
  • Customers are charged a flat fee per location
  • Customer can blend any Metro Ethernet services across their UNI and EVC inventory up to the bandwidth level assigned to the location

Common applications

  • Medical Imaging
  • Distance Learning
  • Conducting financial transactions