Providing a simplified, single connection   to your premise equipment, V-Line is a Layer 2 point-to-point service, utilizing a single Ethernet Virtual Connection (EVC) to transmit information between locations. V-Line allows you to terminate multiple connections onto a single multiplexed port.

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  • Ability to share a single port at one location to terminate multiple network connections, minimizing the capital expense for additional equipment and rack space
  • Each EVC is a secure, dedicated point-to-point connection
  • Lightpath will manage locations with multiple V-Lines
  • Multiple EVCs can be multiplexed over a single Network Interface (UNI) up to the contracted bandwidth assigned to the UNI
  • Flexible bandwidth options of 10Mb to 3Gb

Common applications

  • LAN to LAN connectivity
  • Offsite storage
  • Medical Imaging
  • Distance Learning