Your business data is only as secure as the network that carries it. And when disaster strikes, the downtime alone can cost your company thousands. Along with a proactive business continuity
plan, you need a network you can trust to keep your business up and running - even in the worst of circumstances. Which is why thousands of businesses in the New York Metro area trust
Lightpath with their business communications.

    Lightpath ensures business continuity and disaster recovery management through:

  • Our 100% fully fiber-optic, carrier-grade Ethernet network
  • True, physical network diversity from traditional providers
  • 24/7/365 live monitoring from our Network Operations Center

Reduce Costs: Simplify Business Processes and Increase Productivity

A few years ago, Holy Name Hospitals Information Technology team witnessed a massive outage caused by a storm that flooded their telecom operators Central Office in Rochelle Park, NJ. It served as the catalyst for further protecting their business data. Holy Name switched a majority of its communications services to Lightpath, bringing two dedicated fiber lines into its building from different streets for redundancy.