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Optimum Lightpath Hosted Voice is a feature-rich, no maintenance solution that offers your business a cost effective competitive edge. You get State of the Art Cisco® IP Phones, over 30 advanced call management features and all equipment is furnished, installed and maintained by Optimum Lightpath. You can add bandwidth, minutes and more with just one phone call. Plus, with our predictable flat-rate pricing your business can actually control costs.

  • Advanced features like Auto Find-Me-Follow-Me and Remote Office
  • A reliable, managed and highly customizable voice service
  • No up-front capital costs and predictable flat rate pricing
  • Equipment including Cisco® IP Phones that we furnish, install, maintain and monitor

Network facts:

100% Fiber-Optic Network

Over 5,000 Lit Buildings

208,000 Fiber Miles

Over 4,700 Route Miles

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About Optimum Lightpath

Optimum Lightpath is an industry leader in providing advanced Ethernet-based data, Internet, voice, video transport solutions and managed services to businesses across the New York Metropolitan Area. Optimum Lightpath has been exclusively focused on meeting our customers' business communication needs in the world's largest business market for more than 20 years.

There's more to a successful business communications network than sophisticated technology

That's why Optimum Lightpath makes network management, network operations and customer care vital components of our customer-centric culture.
Optimum Lightpath has received special accolades from the New York State Public Service Commission for excellent service commendation every
year since 1998.

Best In Class support, from the field to the phone

Our expert field technicians all have an average of 15 years of experience. They are trained to provide quick and effective solutions for our customers. In the fast moving world of technology, few other integrated communications providers can make that claim. Whenever you place a call to our Network Operations Center, you will speak to a technician.

Optimum Lightpath has invested more than $1 billion to build the nation's most advanced fiber-optic network.

The 100% fiber-optic network enables us to deliver sophisticated data, Internet, voice and video services to business customers in the world's most competitive marketplace.

Network facts:

- 100% Fiber-Optic Network

- Over 5,000 Lit Buildings

- Over 4,700 Route Miles

- 208,000 Fiber Miles

Learn how every solution starts with you

It began with a belief in a better way.

About 20 years ago, Optimum Lightpath started with the simple yet important goal, to provide tri-state area businesses with a better way to gain the communications solutions they need for continued success. Quickly, we realized that our challenge would be to maintain that customer-centric focus while continuing to meet increasing network and product demands. We knew that to be the communications partner our business community could count on, we would have to build and manage our own network, services and customer experience from beginning to end.

So we built a 100% fully fiber-optic network

We invested more than one billion dollars in our Metro Ethernet network and extended it to reach each and every Optimum Lightpath customer. As our network expands and customer needs evolve, we continue to invest in the infrastructure and support systems that protect critical data and ensure it reaches its destination, no matter what. We designed the Optimum Lightpath network with a self-healing ring topology and built-in redundancy so, that even if one path is compromised our customers' traffic is instantly rerouted and their network is unaffected. Read the full story here >