We never rely on third parties   to maintain or protect your critical data. We build, own and manage our own network so we control every aspect of your installation and experience. So you can count on receiving our award-winning service from end to end, 24/7.

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Gain all the benefits of Metro Ethernet
and our 100% fiber-optic network

  • Dedicated bandwidth: Receive all the bandwidth you need, when you need it, with speeds available from 10Mb to 10Gb.
  • Unsurpassed reliability: Our self-healing fiber ring topology protects your critical data and provides best-in-class network availability and resiliency.
  • Easy scalability: We ensure enough capacity at the point of installation to meet your current and future data needs.
  • Valuable security: We protect and segment all customer traffic on our network.
  • True simplicity: Our flat-rate pricing, seamless installation, predictable billing, award-winning Customer Care and ongoing savingsmake it easier to manage your network and budget.