Lightpath Internet offers a secure, reliable,   faster network with speeds up to 10Gb throughput. Internet access is available on our Metro Ethernet network up to 1000Mb, and on our Optical Transport network up to 10Gb.

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With Lightpath Internet, delivered over our Optical Transport network, you get speeds from 1Gb - 10Gb for the performance that your business applications demand. Gain high-speed throughput and higher performance with best in class access to the Internet. With optional bursting, extra flexibility is available when you need it. Simply purchase the bandwidth you need, and burst up to 10Gb on demand.


  • Secure dedicated wave on the Optical Transport network.
  • Burst up to 10Gb during seasonal business needs.
  • Flat-rate billing
  • Flat-rate pricing, seamless installation, and award-winning Customer Care making it easy to manage your network and your budget.


  • One click to schedule meetings
  • 24/7 operator assistance
  • Flat-rate billing
  • Online account management