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100G Optical Transport Service

Technology has taken personal entertainment to new heights. Watching a show or movie is no longer limited to your television or local cinema at set times, and we’ve become accustomed to enjoying the convenience of watching what we want, where we want, whenever we want.

Perhaps more-so than any other industry, the finance and banking sector relies on numbers, and the networks that serve as the backbone to its individual enterprises are certainly no exception.

Many companies have been talking about the need to create exceedingly high bandwidth networks to carry tomorrow’s traffic (driven primarily by increasing Internet video and enterprise operational needs) for over 20 years.

Lightpath 100G Optical Transport Service is setting a new standard for overcoming the on-going challenges of big data and the Internet of Things. Providing speed and capacity, security and compliance, and flexibility, all in a cost effective manner, it is a game-changer for not only IT teams, but for the entirety of the businesses they represent.

Postponing a 100G upgrade can lead to security and compliance issues, increased operating costs, and business delays due to slow data transmission.

This comprehensive document provides an in-depth look at the ever-growing need for 100G, and the difference the solution can quickly make within an organization.

Data is at the core of all we do. We are generating it faster than ever before, and it has to be managed, analyzed, consumed, protected, and archived.

While it may feel like your 10G network will support your business requirements for years to come, experts are predicting exponential growth in ways that will soon have you hitting your limits.

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